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A bit about me:
I am so excited about this coming year! Here is some information about me.

I am a fifth generation Texan and a Texas Aggie! I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2003 where I also enjoyed being a member of Kappa Delta sorority.
This will be my 12th year teaching Kindergarten. I love teaching Kindergarten and I think I have the best job in the world. It is thrilling to see the growth that kindergarteners make in nine months and I am blessed to take part in such a momentous time of cognitive, emotional and social development. I live in this area with my husband and two sons Brady 3 and Parker 7. My boys have taught me more than I could ever imagine about love, patience and making messes.

                     My beliefs as an educator:
I believe all children can learn.
I believe children learn in different ways and it is my job to incorporate as many modalities as I can through instruction.
I believe in individualizing learning for all students whether they start Kindergarten reading or are learning letter sounds.
I believe that an education should involve more than the attainment of knowledge; an education should teach children to question and develop curiosities.
I believe in nurturing the cognitive and social development of children through a structured and loving classroom family.

Parent -Teacher Relationship:
As teacher and parents, we share common ground.  We want your child to be     successful in school.  To ensure this success, it is very important that we           communicate effectively.  It is my goal to foster a positive relationship with you.  The first day of the each school week, I send home a newsletter to keep you up to date with what is happening in our classroom.  I will also be in touch through phone calls, notes, e-mails, progress reports and parent/teacher conferences.  Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns.  You may call the school at 281-465-2900 or send me an e-mail. My conference time is from
11:50 A.M. - 12:40 P.M. every day and I would also be happy to meet with you after school, as well.
Daily Folders:
Each day your child will bring home a red daily folder.  In the folder you will find your child’s papers, communication from the school, and a calendar marked with your child’s behavior for the day.  Each night, be sure to look at any papers inside the folder and send back items or forms that need to be returned.  You may keep all of your child’s papers.  Please initial the behavior calendar to indicate that you have seen it.  Feel free to send any communication from home in the red folder, as well.  I check the folders every morning.  Please be sure to send the red folder back every day. If you have a note or money for lunch, please slide it into the plastic sleeve.
Each day, all students begin the day on star behavior.  During the day, they may move down to satisfactory (green), needs improvement (yellow) or unsatisfactory (red), if necessary.  Children move on the behavior scale due to not following school or classroom rules.  If your child ends the day on yellow or red, this will be marked on the behavior calendar in the daily folder with a notation for behaviors your child can work to improve.  If your child stays on star all day, a Cowboy Cash ticket is earned.  Please do not be worried if your child comes home with a few yellows or even a red during the first few weeks of school.  I am working hard to establish routines and expectations in the classroom.  I encourage you to talk with your child about the behavior that he/she needs to exhibit.  Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns.
Cowboy Cash Tickets:
I am always on the look out to recognize positive behavior!  Children will have the  opportunity to earn Cowboy Cash tickets each day in class when they are “caught” being good!  Tickets are also earned by staying on star behavior all day, returning homework, and reading booklets that are sent home.  When your child earns 15 Cowboy Cash, he/she may go to the treasure chest and choose a prize or a reward coupon.
Daily Review/Homework:
In your child’s red daily folder you will find two pages of skills that I would like you to review with your child.  Please go over the alphabet and their letter sounds, sight words, recognizing numbers 1 to 20, counting to 100, and identifying shapes with your child.  I encourage you to spend 15 minutes each night practicing these skills.  Even when your child has learned these skills, reviewing will help to retain the learning.  Please spend an additional 20 minutes each night reading to your child and/or have them read to you.  Reading with your child is the most important thing you can do to ensure success in school!
Formal homework will begin coming home in October.  More information about the homework will be given to you at that time.
Reading Booklets:
Small booklets will be sent home in your child’s red daily folder on the last day of the school week most weeks.  These are individual copies of big books we will be learning to read in class.  Please have your child read the book to you at home.  Then initial the booklet indicating that your child has read the book, and send it back to school.  I will give your child a Cowboy Cash ticket and send the book back home.  Please keep the book in your child’s book box where your child can pull it out to read again and again. ( Book Boxes will be made at school and will be sent home early September.  Rereading familiar text is good practice for reading sight words, practicing concepts of print, and builds fluency.
We love celebrating birthdays in Kindergarten!  You may send or bring a birthday treat to share with the class, but school policy states that treats should be store bought. Kindergarten teachers recommend treats that are easy to serve and easy to clean up such as cookies, rice crispy treats, brownie bites, or Little Debbie snacks. Cupcakes are discouraged because the icing can be very messy. Please contact me a few days in advance to make arrangements.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated in May.  
**School policy now states that we may not pass out Birthday Invitations at school, even if everyone is invited. PTO will give parents an opportunity to be listed in a free directory this year and will send a copy home to all children. Choosing to participate will help fellow parents with addresses for Birthday Party Invitations.

The Hall of Fame:
One of our very special traditions here at Broadway is our Hall of Fame! Each    grading period, students who have earned ten red Broadway Stars receive this    special honor.  Broadway Stars are given out to students who are exhibiting the   character traits that Mrs. Lewis, our school counselor, teaches us about each month.  After a student earns ten Broadway star tickets, their stars are placed on the “Hall of Fame” (main hallway wall), they receive a free Broadway T-shirt, and they are able to participate in the "Walk of Fame" parade which happens at the end of each grading period.
Each day your child will go to a special class from 11:50-12:40.  The special classes include: Art, Music, Physical Education, Library and Computers.  Please make sure that your child wears athletic shoes on his/her PE day.  Every Monday, all of Kindergarten will receive a "Super Specials Schedule" in which they will receive an extra Specials class from 2:00-2:50 PM.
We have an optional snack time each afternoon.  If you would like your child to have a snack, please send in a healthy snack labeled with his/her name daily.   Please avoid messy snacks such as applesauce or yogurt and unhealthy snacks such as chips, cookies, or snack cakes.  Please pack your child’s snack separately from his/her lunch and place it in the small outside zipper pouch of the backpack. Children often get confused and eat their snack at lunchtime when the snacks are packed in their lunchboxes. Excellent options are: pretzels, crackers, a cheese stick, granola bars ( non-crumbly) and Chex mix.
Water Bottles:
Water bottles are encouraged.  Please send in water bottles labeled with your child’s name.  Be sure that the water bottles are the “pop top” kind to help us avoid spills in the classroom and in their backpacks.  I allow the children to refill their water bottles as needed.  I will send the water bottles home each day for washing.
Lunch for students is $2.55.  You may pre-pay for meals using an on-line system which can be accessed through the CISD website, www.conroeisd.net. You may also send in a check for payment.  Payments are applied as balances on meal cards that students will use to purchase their lunches or breakfasts.  Applications for free or reduced meals are available  on-line at the CISD website or can be sent home by request.  We understand that it is sometimes scary for Kindergarteners to go through the lunch line for the first time.  All of the Kindergarten teachers are more than happy to guide your child through the process and help them until they become independent.  Kindergarten teachers monitor the students during lunch time and assist them with opening containers, collecting trash and other needs.  Students may also bring their lunches from home.  Parents and grandparents are also allowed to come and have lunch with your child.  There is a special visitor table where you may sit with your child.  Please check in at the front office and wait in the cafeteria.
Changes in Transportation:
If you plan to change your child’s transportation, please send in a note in the red daily folder in the morning.  Broadway provides "Change of Transportation" notepads of paper that will make it convenient and easy to send in the transportation change.  If there is no note, your child will be sent home by his/her usual method of transportation. Emails are not accepted as a way to change transportation.

Your child’s attendance is very important in order to provide the optimal learning experience.  If your child does need to be out, please e-mail or call to let me know not to expect your child for the day and send in a Dr. Note or note from you the when your child returns.
Parent Volunteers:
I love parent volunteers and there are many opportunities to help out both in the classroom and at home.  If you are planning to volunteer at all, it is imperative that you register at the CISD website, www.conroeisd.net.  Even if you are only planning at helping out at a class party or chaperoning for a field trip, you must be an approved volunteer!  It takes a few weeks to get approved, so I recommend you go ahead and register now.  That way, it is taken care of for the year.
Change of Clothes:
Sometimes kindergarteners have a spill at lunch, slip in a puddle at recess, or have another accident that requires a change of clothing.  For this reason, I recommend that you keep a change of clothes in your child’s backpack I a gallon bag.  Please be sure to label your child’s belongings.

I am Looking forward to a wonderful year!

Name:   Celeste Grabowski
Birthday:       February 24th
School: Texas A&M, Kappa Delta
Hobbies:  tole painting, playing games, singing, spending time with family and friends


Song:   Beautiful Boy, John Lennon
Book:   To Kill a Mocking Bird
Movie:  Steel Magnolias
Food:    Anything Mexican (especially Pappasitos)
Quote:               "Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them." -Lady Bird Johnson

Web Site:       For kids: www.starfall.com Review letter sounds and read and create stories on this free website.

Celeste Grabowski



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